Jason Courtney - drawing, painting, and illustration
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Sixense was a VR startup originally geared toward a wide variety of applications, including medical
and industrial training as well as games and entertainment. This was reflected in the wide stylistic and thematic
variety in the work I did there, which ranged from extremely cartooney to very dark and detailed.
Later Sixense underwent a pivot to primarly therapuetic applications, and was aquired by Penumbra inc.

Some early projects were based around a futuristic urban setting, which varied in tone from
bright and utopian to a dark gritty cyberpunk underworld city.

Later the focus was shifted towards a music-themed game,
with music-themed environments and characters.

These were for a fun music game idea, where each character and environment would represent a musical genre.

This was a design idea for a VR "lobby" space where users would choose their games or apps.

There was quite a bit of broad exploration in more fantasy-themed and organic environments as the project focus shifted toward more therapeutic applications.

Ultimately a candyland theme and a tropical beach theme were decided on for a wide appeal. These were developed into
what became the Music In Motion therapy application offered on Penumbra Inc.'s REAL system.
The artwork below is early development exploration work. All work © Penumbra.